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The Heinrich Böll Foundation


This foundation is located in Berlin, but has offices in most of the

states of Germany, as well as several international locations, and is "a

political non-profit organization striving to promote democracy, civil

society, equality and a healthy environment internationally."


It is associated with the Green Party in Germany:


"With the approval of the Böll family and the National Convention of

Bündnis 90/Die Grünen (Green Party), the Foundation carries the name of

Heinrich Böll because he embodied that rare combination of political

awareness, artistic creativity, and moral integrity which remains a

model for future generations. The courage to stand up for one's beliefs;

encouragement to meddle in public affairs; and unconditional activism in

support of dignity and human rights were characteristics of the writer

Heinrich Böll. The Foundation is committed to that tradition."


More information is available at:


http://www.boell.de/ (in German)




http://www.boell.de/service/home.html (in English)


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